About Us

Over the past century, naturally emerging materials, such as clay, rock, sand, and timber have been researched, developed and manufactured for the construction and building industry.Since, there have been numerous advancements in the types of building products, systems, tools and equipment across the board.

Project Building Materials is your comprehensive online directory. We ensure a wide assortment of products, tools and equipment from our listed and imminent suppliers , when it comes to searching or planning for your construction systems, building materials, tools and equipment to complete your project needs effectively and efficiently.

Project building materials provides a broad, central online source, weather you are at home, at a building site or simply at your office. These include:

  • Product information and specification
  • Product Images and brochures
  • Product Videos
  • Product costs and charges
  • Installation procedures and requirements
  • Upcoming systems and products
  • Material Purchase details
  • Comprehensive Supplier information and details

  • Up to date, Supplier and material news
  • Flexibility for suppliers to add or delete products at any time
  • Tips and tricks from suppliers for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Regular Supplier material and equipment updates
  • Ability for supplier to add multiple products and systems
  • Friendly, easy to use website and mobile application
  • Mobile applications for people and suppliers to be used at discretion
  • New tools and equipment as it is being introduced on the market

The product and supplier range within our database is extensive, ranging from raw materials through to finished products and systems to cover your construction project from the planning to completion stage.

We are constantly building and updating our database with new categories, products, suppliers and information that is regularly updated by our suppliers. Through our listed suppliers our prime objective is to provide the, most up-to -date building products and systems available on the market. All of this right at your fingertips regardless of where you are, what technology you are using to access our website or our handy mobile applications.